Claire Martin "Devil May Care" CD

Claire Martin "Devil May Care" CD

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Devil May Care is the second studio album from Claire Martin, a jazz singer who found her voice early on in her career. True to form Claire Martin does not turn to the obvious repertoire instead Devil May Care is a blend of original tunes and material by such diverse figures as Noel Coward and sixties hipster Bob Dorough.

The session was produced by Rick Taylor whom Claire had met when working with Wet Wet Wet at the Albert Hall. Mixing pop and jazz idioms, the album helped Claire to success in the 'Rising Stars' category of the 1994 British Jazz Awards. One of the tracks 'On Thin Ice' - written by Claire herself - was used on the soundtrack of the British feature film, 'Jack and Sarah', released in 1995.

Jazz Express commented: 'She displays a growing maturity and confidence, a wonderful sensuous voice and a fine sense of timing and phrasing.


  1. Devil May Care
  2. Victim of Circumstance
  3. If Love Were All
  4. Devil's Gonna Get You
  5. By Myself
  6. Close Enough for Love
  7. Can't Give Enough
  8. The Sun Was Falling from the Sky
  9. October Thoughts
  10. On Thin Ice
  11. Save Your Love for Me