Alyn Cosker "Lyn's Une" SACD

Alyn Cosker "Lyn's Une" SACD

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Debut solo album from hot Scottish drummer Alyn Cosker, who is the drummer with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.

Alyn Cosker has quickly established a reputation as a formidable jazz drummer and is an exciting new talent in the vibrant Scottish jazz scene. Alyn has poured his experience and chameleon-like taste into the original compositions on Lyn's Une, his debut album, and jazz, rock, funk, latin and celtic styles are all in evidence.

Joining Alyn on Lyn's Une are some of the most exciting and versatile young musicians on the Scottish music scene including Ross Hamilton, Jason Rebello and Paul Towndrow. Lyn's Une features exciting, intelligent and rhythmic music played by virtuoso musicians with genuine passion! According to Joe Locke, 'Alyn Cosker represents the best of the new generation of drummers currently on the scene. He's smokin'!'

Lyn's Une is not, as it may sound, a historical Celtic reference, but was in fact the result of a computer error when the score for the track 'Alyn's Tune' was accidentally saved as Lyn's Une. Thus a new title was born!

The album is a blend of ballads and big brassy numbers with each featuring a different combination of musicians creating a varied and appealing sound. ‘Twitter and Bisted' was written especially for the album to incorporate all of the musicians and the tremendous humour that follows them all about.


  1. Oh Dear
  2. Logan's Slogans
  3. Don't Forget Me
  4. Smiling Down Introduction
  5. Smiling Down
  6. That's the Ticket
  7. Lyn's Une
  8. Twitter and Bisted
  9. Bheki
  10. Unannounced
  11. Straight Through Boogaloo
  12. When Autumn Comes