Carol Kidd "Tell Me Once Again" SACD

Carol Kidd "Tell Me Once Again" SACD

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Tell Me Once Again, the new album by Carol Kidd with guitarist Nigel Clark, is full of magical moments and captures the spine-tingling intimacy they excel at in their live performances.

This lovely album is full of staple songs from the Kidd - Clark repertoire but with the twist of being arranged exclusively for this dynamic duo. Kidd's vocal melodies are as rich and sensual as velvet and Clark's guitar playing is refined, delicate and impeccable.

Each of the songs on this album is captivating and intimate - so much so, you might just find yourself thinking that Kidd might be singing just to you. Sit back, relax and let the gorgeous melodies of this fantastic duo take over.


  1. Stormy Weather
  2. Moon Blue
  3. Alfie
  4. Once in a while
  5. Tell me once again
  6. He won't send roses
  7. Moon river
  8. I got lost in his arms
  9. You don't know me
  10. I loves you Porgy
  11. The shadow of your smile
  12. The end of a love affair