Claire Martin "The Waiting Game" CD

Claire Martin "The Waiting Game" CD

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Acclaimed as the outstanding new British voice of the decade, Claire Martin achieved instant recognition with her debut album, The Waiting Game. It was among the bestselling jazz albums of 1992 and was chosen as a 'Record of the Year' by The Times.

The pianist and composer Richard Rodney Bennett, long renowned as a connoisseur of singers, concluded his liner notes for the album with the unabashed exclamation: 'This record knocks me out.' Tony Bennett was equally enthusiastic when he appeared on the same bill as Claire at the Glasgow International Jazz Festival.

The Waiting Game sees Claire accompanied by a quartet featuring guitarist Jim Mullen.

'One thing Claire Martin won't be accused of is having a conventional or unadventurous repertoire. On the superb The Waiting Game, she delivers an engaging version of Betty Carter's "Tight" and insightfully turns everything from Thomas Dolby's "The Key to Your Ferrari" to Joni Mitchell's "Be Cool" into acoustic jazz. "You Hit the Spot" and "Better than Anything" aren't standards, but the soulfulness Martin brings to these neglected classics indicates that they deserve to be. The unique and distinctive improvisor doesn't avoid standards altogether - her heartfelt interpretation of "Everything Happens to Me" being a fine example - but thankfully, she's not one to overemphasize them. Consistently, Martin's singing is as strikingly personal as it is expressive.' 


Jim Mullen guitar
Jonathan Gee piano
Arnie Somogyi bass
Clark Tracey drums

Recording information:

Recorded at EMI, Abbey Road Studios, London, 9 & 10 December 1991
Producer: Elliot Meadow
Recording engineer: Tristan Powell
Assistant engineer: Ashley Alexander
Mastered at The Exchange, London, by Ray Staff


  1. You Hit the Spot
  2. Be Cool
  3. This Funny World
  4. Better Than Anything
  5. If You Could See Me Now
  6. Some Cats Know
  7. The Waiting Game
  8. It's Always Four a.m.
  9. The People That You Never Get To Love
  10. Tight
  11. Everything Happens To Me
  12. The Key To Your Ferrari

Total Running Time 47 minutes