Claire Martin "Witchcraft" SACD

Claire Martin "Witchcraft" SACD

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Claire Martin and Richard Rodney Bennett have taken their creative partnership to the next level with this album. Bennett's elegant playing and distinguished style fuse beautifully with the vocals of Britain's First Lady of Jazz.

Witchcraft is the result of the dynamic collaboration between Claire Martin and Richard Rodney Bennett. 

This album contains a thoughtful selection of songs from the Cy Coleman songbook. Together, this collection weaves together the opposing talents of the sultry jazz sensation Claire Martin and the polished, savvy keyboard skills and compositional insight of Richard Rodney Bennett. 

Martin's strength as one of the best interpreters of the Great American Songbook shines through in this recording. The smoky elegance of her vocal sculpts itself around the smooth flowing textures of the piano accompaniment and the occasional vocal repartee of Bennett. The result of this established partnership is mesmerising music that takes you back to a wonderful and simpler time of yesteryear. 


  1. I'm Gonna Laugh You Right out of My Life
  2. The Best Is Yet to Come
  3. The Rules of the Road
  4. On Second Thought
  5. Everybody Today Is Turning On
  6. Sometimes When You're Lonely
  7. Let Me Down Easy
  8. Nobody Does It Like Me
  9. That's My Style
  10. When in Rome (I Do as the Romans)
  11. Witchcraft
  12. With Every Breath I Take
  13. On the Other Side of the Tracks
  14. Would You Believe?