Classical Opera "Mozart: Apollo et Hyacinthus" SACD

Classical Opera "Mozart: Apollo et Hyacinthus" SACD

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Following its successful full length opera, Artaxerxes, Classical Opera return with the first in an epic series of Mozart operas Apollo et Hyacinthus. Named in The Guardian as one of 'The Best Classical albums of 2012'.

Ian Page's direction of Apollo carries rich promise of his ability to deliver a valuable contribution to historically-informed Mozart opera performance.' Opera 

Recording of the Month: 'There are no weak links, with all making the most of the musical and dramatic opportunities provided.' MusicWeb International 

'...sparkles from beginning to end...This has to be in any serious Mozart collection.' Audiophile Audition 

 Classical Opera has mounted two staged productions of Mozart's Apollo et Hyacinthus (1998 and 2006), with both receiving wide critical acclaim; The Independent stated, 'Classical Opera's polished debut in Apollo et Hyacinthus proved a pearl beyond price.  Here was a work of staggering beauty riddled with sweet noises like Caliban's enchanted isle.'

This recording has been eagerly awaited since its 2007 debut CD, 'The A-Z of Mozart Opera' was released, described by David Vickers in Gramophone as 'glorious...fresh, diverse, insightful and illuminating'. The company features a mix of seasoned and young performers including Sophie Bevan and Lawrence Zazzo in the title roles.


  1. Prologus - I. Intrada
  2. Prologus - II. Recitativo: Amice! iam parata sunt Omnia
  3. Prologus - III. No. 1, Chorus: Numen o Latonium
  4. Prologus - IV. Recitativo: Heu me! periimus!
  5. Prologus - V. No. 2, Aria: Saepe terrent Numina
  6. Prologus - VI. Recitativo: Ah Nate! vera loqueris
  7. Prologus - VII. No. 3, Aria: Iam pastor Apollo
  8. Chorus 1 - I. Recitativo: Amare numquid Filia
  9. Chorus 1 - II. No. 4, Aria: Laetari, iocari
  10. Chorus 1 - III. Recitativo: Rex! de salute Filii
  11. Chorus 1 - IV. No. 5, Aria: En! duos conspicis
  12. Chorus 1 - V. Recitativo: Heu! Numen! ecce!
  13. Chorus 1 - VI. No. 6, Duetto: Discede crudelis!
  14. Chorus 2 - I. Recitativo accompagnato: Non est – Quis ergo Nate!
  15. Chorus 2 - II. No. 7, Aria: Ut navis in aequore
  16. Chorus 2 - III. Recitativo: Quocumque me converto
  17. Chorus 2 - IV. No. 8, Duetto: Natus cadit, atque Deus
  18. Chorus 2 - V. Recitativo: Rex! me redire cogit
  19. Chorus 2 - VI. No. 9, Terzetto: Tandem post turbida fulmina