"Complete Songs Of Robert Burns - Volume 11" CD

"Complete Songs Of Robert Burns - Volume 11" CD

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The eleventh volume and a double disc set from the unique Complete Songs of Robert Burns compendium. Includes 'By Allan stream', 'O for my ain king' and 'My love she's but a lassie yet'.

‘A remarkable and monumental achievement, comparable - in traditional music terms - to the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling or the King James VI translation of the Bible.' The Sunday Herald

Featured musicians include members of Malinky, The Tannahill Weavers, Black-Eyed Biddy, Jock Tamson's Bairns, Calasaig and many more


  1. Ca the yowes
  2. I gaed a waefu gate
  3. Fy, let us aa to Kirkcudbright
  4. Thou ling’ring star
  5. O for my ain king
  6. O sad and heavy; Wilt thou be my dearie?
  7. Clarinda
  8. ‘Twas in the seventeen hunder years
  9. My love, she’s but a lassie yet
  10. Had I a cave; Farewell, thou fair day
  11. True-hearted was he
  12. My father was a farmer
  13. Thickest night; How lang and dreary is the night
  14. Fate give the word
  15. Here’s to thy health; O, wat ye wha’s in yon town
  16. O, wert thou in the cauld blast
  17. As I came ower the Cairney mount; Dainty Davie
  18. As I stood by
  19. O Philly
  20. 'Twas even
  21. Stay, my charmer
  22. O wert thou, love
  23. In simmer
  24. Heard ye o the tree o France
  25. Here is the Glen
  26. The Taylor fell thro the bed
  27. Fair the face
  28. Aften hae I play’d at the cards and the dice
  29. In Tarbolton
  30. There was a lass
  31. By Allan stream
  32. Up and warn aa, Willie
  33. O, I forbid you
  34. In Edinburgh town; Cock up your beaver
  35. As I cam down by Annan side
  36. Had I the Wyte; When maukin bucks
  37. When Mary cam over the border
  38. Saw ye my Maggie?
  39. As honest Jacob on a night
  40. Grim Grizzel; The night
  41. The cares o love; Come rede me dam
  42. While prose-work and rhymes; When Princes and Prelates
  43. I’ll tell you a tale
  44. O wha’ll m-w me now
  45. Amang our young lassies
  46. Green grow the rashes, O (Bawdy Version); Altho my back be at the wa
  47. There was twa wives