"Complete Songs Of Robert Burns - Volume 12" CD

"Complete Songs Of Robert Burns - Volume 12" CD

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The final volume from the unique 'Complete Songs of Robert Burns' compendium. Includes the tracks A Highland Lad My Love Was Born, See the smoking bowl and My bonnie lass.

Ian Bruce, Mairi MacInnes, Kirsten Easdale, Janet Russell, Wendy Weatherby, Ross Kennedy, Jim Reid, Gordon Kelly, Christine Kydd, Rod Patterson, Steve Byrne, Tich Frier, John Nichol

Produced and compiled by Dr Fred Freeman
Engineered by Peter Haigh and Richard Werner. Recorded at Pier House Studios April - August 2002.


  1. Recitation
  2. I am a son of Mars
  3. Recitation
  4. I once was a maid
  5. Recitation
  6. Sir Wisdom's a fool
  7. Recitation
  8. A highland lad my love was born
  9. Recitation
  10. Let me ryke up to dight that tear
  11. Recitation
  12. My bonie lass
  13. Recitation
  14. Ia am a bard
  15. Recitation
  16. See the smoking bowl
  17. It's up wi the Souters o Selkirk
  18. You're welcome to despots, Dumourier
  19. Again rejoicing nature sees
  20. Adieu!
  21. Orthodox, Orthodox
  22. O wat ye wha that lo'es me
  23. O bonie was yon rosy brier & O lovely Polly Stewart
  24. Farewell thou stream
  25. The auld man's mare's dead & What will I do gin my hoggie die?
  26. Now spring has clad
  27. There was a bonie lass & Does haughty Gaul invasion threat?
  28. Go on sweet bird
  29. Dire was the hate
  30. O sing a new song
  31. O how shall I unskilfu' try
  32. Ah Chloris since it may not be & O my luve's like a red, red rose (part original version)