"Complete Songs Of Robert Burns - Volume 2" CD

"Complete Songs Of Robert Burns - Volume 2" CD

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The second volume from the unique Complete Songs of Robert Burns compendium. Includes the tracks 'Ye Jacobites by name', 'Kissin my Katie' and 'Scots wha hae'.

‘Robust, rugged, feisty, gentle and warm are all words that apply at different times during this recital.’ The Herald

‘A superb album.’ Folk Roots

The twelve volumes which comprise The Complete Songs of Robert Burns remain the benchmark of all Burns songs recordings.
Released to coincide with the worldwide Burns Night celebrations, this is the second volume in the ground breaking series which took seven years to complete and involved over 80 singers and instrumentalists.

This unsurpassed collection was collated by Burns specialist Dr Fred Freeman, who worked in the fluid tradition of folk music with the players and singers to bring the timeless poetry of the Bard vividly to life. The Telegraph described the series as 'a marvellous tribute to the man who gave the anonymous feelings of Scots folk song a sharp, poignant individuality, and by doing so made them the whole world's possession.'

Encompassing ballads and bawdy songs, patriotic and political anthems plus songs which bring Scottish places and people to life, this collection of songs touches on all aspects of human nature and is a true representation of a vigorous folk tradition past and present. The performance practice essential to the authentic performance of Burns is evident: singers, like Tony Cuffe and Billy Ross, and fiddlers, like John Martin and Johnnie Cunningham, perform with light, clear articulation, whilst singers, like Rod Paterson, display admirable ‘restraint’ and almost ‘non-existent’ vibrato. Each musician here shares Burns’ commitment to communication and expression creating both a lasting tribute to the man and to the contemporary folk movement in Scotland.

Featured musicians include members of Battlefield Band, Old Blind Dogs, Ossian, The Laggan and many more.  


  1. The sodger’s return
  2. The reel o Stumpie
  3. I hae a wife o my ain
  4. My Nanie, O
  5. Ye Jacobites by name
  6. Rantin, rovin Robin
  7. O, let me in this ae night
  8. The auld man’s mare’s dead
  9. How cruel are the parents
  10. Leezie Lindsay
  11. My wife’s a wanton, wee thing
  12. To daunton me
  13. Hey ca thro; The deil’s awa wi th’exciseman
  14. The silver Tassie
  15. Kissin my Katie
  16. Scots wha hae
  17. O, were I on Parnassus hill
  18. On an ye were dead gudeman
  19. Willie Wastle
  20. Beware o bonie Ann
  21. Willie brew’d a peck o maut
  22. A rose-bud by my early walk
  23. Whistle ower the lave o’t
  24. Jumpin John
  25. The dusty miller
  26. My collier laddie
  27. The weary pund o tow
  28. Now westlin winds and slaught’ring guns