"Complete Songs Of Robert Burns - Volume 7" CD

"Complete Songs Of Robert Burns - Volume 7" CD

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The seventh volume from the unique 'Complete Songs of Robert Burns' compendium. Includes the tracks Charlie, He's My Darling, The heather was blooming and Raving Winds.

Produced by Dr Fred Freeman

George Duff
Bobby Eaglesham
Alistair Hulett
Aimee Leonard
Gillian MacDonald
John Morran
Karine Polwart

Sandy Brechin - accordion
Duncan Chisholm - fiddle
Pete Clark - Mandola/fiddle/viola
Shaun Craig - guitar/bouzouki
Ivan Drever - guitar
Marc Duff - whistle/recorder/bodhran/bouzouki
Fraser Fifield - whistle
Corrina Hewat - harp
Harry Lawson - uillean pipes
Ian Lowthian - accordion
Frank MacLaughlin - guitar
John Martin - fiddle/viola
Gavin Pennycook - fiddle
Gary Peterson - banjo/mandolin
Malcolm Stitt - bouzouki/guitar

Produced and compiled by Dr F Freeman
Recorded at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh, August & September 1999


  1. The Captain's lady
  2. The wren's nest
  3. Nae gentle dames
  4. Raving winds
  5. The taylor
  6. The rowin't in her apron
  7. My girl she's airy
  8. As I was wand'ring
  9. Geordie
  10. Sensibility how charming
  11. Charlie, he's my darling
  12. The heather was blooming
  13. The guidwife count the lawin + No churchman am I
  14. I'd dream'd I lay
  15. There's a youth in this city + Highland laddie
  16. Sae flaxen were her ringlets
  17. Up and waur them a', Jamie
  18. Streams that glide
  19. Young Peggy blooms
  20. Long, long the night