David Roth "Pearl Diver" - DMM 180 gram LP

David Roth "Pearl Diver" - DMM 180 gram LP

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Format: Direct Metal Master Cut 180 gram LP

Label: Stockfisch Records

Released: 2004

Country: Germany

Hailing from Chicago, now living in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, he brought already six CD's on the American market. For these recordings he travelled with two acoustic guitars to Northeim, Germany. Gunter waited there, with the late master-guitarist Chris Jones and the rest of his team, like multi-instrumentalist Beo Brockhausen who specializes in the unusual sounds of gu-zheng, sarod, santur and uillean pipe chanter, among others. The backgroundvocals are sung by Christina, Christiane and Christine, no triplets!

The virtuoso accompaniment is so well-balanced, that most attention still goes to David's vocal. He is a sweet-voiced folksinger, who makes us think of Michael Friedman, Eugene Ruffolo and Michael Weston King. David also brings a lot of feelings into his songs, he is a real storyteller, who lets life itself inspire him.


  1. Before I Die
  2. Bake Sale
  3. Rising In Love
  4. Pearl Diver
  5. John And Josie
  6. The Jordan Waltz
  7. Vincent
  8. That Kind Of Grace
  9. Some Kind Of Hero
  10. Lullaby