Fiona Mackenzie "Elevate" SACD

Fiona Mackenzie "Elevate" SACD

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The captivating debut solo album from singer / songwriter Fiona Mackenzie featuring self-penned compositions in Gaelic and English.

The captivating debut solo album by Scottish singer / songwriter Fiona MacKenzie.

These are songs with a distinct, northern European character. Her writing and singing technique are affected by a spectrum of influences spanning Hungarian folk music, Nick Cave, Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins and Bjork, as well as the Scottish and Gaelic traditions.

Co-produced by The Blue Nile producer Calum Malcolm, traditional acoustic instruments and electronic elements blend to create a forward-thinking music that remains rooted in heritage. Mackenzie's emotive self-penned lyrics paint a picture and the sound at times is hauntingly Celtic.

Born and raised on the Isle of Lewis, off the west coast of Scotland, she has been writing and performing songs in English and Gaelic since her early teens.


  1. When the Sunny Sky Has Gone
  2. In Between
  3. Bye Bye
  4. A Little While Longer
  5. An Roghainn
  6. At the Bottom of the Sea
  7. Elevate
  8. Lots of People
  9. Duisg mo chridhe
  10. Hi o he
  11. Everybody Knows