Gorillaz 'Gorillaz' 2LP

Gorillaz 'Gorillaz' 2LP

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Label: Parlophone

Released: 2015

Country: U.S.

'Gorillaz' is the debut album by the British virtual band Gorillaz, first released in March 2001. It includes the singles "Clint Eastwood," "19-2000," "Rock the House" and "Tomorrow Comes Today."

The album reached number three in the UK, and was an unexpected hit in the US, hitting number 14 and selling over seven million copies worldwide by 2007.


1. Re-Hash

2. 5/4

3. Tomorrow Comes Today

4. New Genious (Brother)

5. Clint Eastwood (featuring Del the Funky Homosapien)

6. Man Research (Clapper)

7. Punk

8. Sound Check (Gravity)

9. Double Bass

10. Rock the House (featuring Del the Funky Homosapien)

11. 19-2000

12. Latin Simone (Qué Pasa Contigo?) (featuring Ibrahim Ferrer)

13. Starshine

14. Slow Country