Gothic Voices "Mary Star Of The Sea" CD

Gothic Voices "Mary Star Of The Sea" CD

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Gothic Voices, the world-famous early music ensemble, makes its Linn debut with a recording celebrating the biblical matriarch Mary.

5 stars 'This welcome revitalisation of an iconic group is characterised by warmth of tone and beautiful blend. A thoroughly engaging recording of impeccable clarity.' Choir & Organ

4 stars 'The mood throughout is one of serenity and grace.' Financial Times

'The music of the two contemporary composers was particularly well chosen, both adopting and varying a recognisably mediaeval musical style without in any way approaching pastiche. The four singers of Gothic Voices produce an exceptionally good consort sound as well as impressing in their various solo roles.' Andrew Benson-Wilson

 Pieces from contemporary composers Joanne Metcalf and Andrew Smith sit alongside settings of Marian texts from the 13th and 14th centuries. Notably, there is a rare setting of English biblical text which precedes the first publication of an English language bible by 150 years.

Mary in her various guises - caring mother, virgin lover, guiding light - are explored through settings of ancient ritualistic texts showing her mythical and human aspects, whilst contemporary settings relate the themes to the modern day. The contemporary works are cleverly constructed around a modal core so that they fit perfectly with the structure and sound of the early music compositions.

With over thirty years experience Gothic Voices' complete understanding of every aspect of early music performance is exceptional.


  1. Il nome del bel fior: Part I. Maria I
  2. Stillat in stellam radium
  3. Music for the star of the sea
  4. Stella maris illustrans Omnia
  5. Il nome del bel fior: Part V. Maria III
  6. Laetetur caeli curia
  7. Tronus regis
  8. Beata mater
  9. Ave, decus saeculi
  10. Ave maris stella
  11. Il nome del bel fior: Part IV. Il nome del bel fior
  12. Dou way, Robyn / Sancta mater gratiae
  13. Crist and Sainte Marie
  14. Sancta Maria virgo
  15. Stond wel, Moder, under rode
  16. Beata progenies
  17. Stond wel, Moder, under rode: Part I
  18. Iesu, fili virginis
  19. Pia mater salvatoris
  20. Stond wel, Moder, under rode: Part II
  21. Gaude, Maria virgo
  22. Alleluia psallat / Alleluia concinat - Virga Jesse