Ian Shaw "Lifejacket" SACD

Ian Shaw "Lifejacket" SACD

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Ian Shaw fulfils his life ambition to release an album of originals in Lifejacket.

Twice named Best Vocalist at the BBC Jazz Awards, Ian Shaw is one of the UK's finest male jazz vocalists.

Shaw has been interpreting the great songwriters for most of his career, from Harold Arlen to Fran Landesman, David Bowie to Thom Yorke, then more recently Joni Mitchell, on his highly acclaimed collection, Drawn To All Things. A review of this album posed the question; ‘isn't it time Shaw unlocked his own diary?’

Lifejacket is an album of highly personal stories and observations, mixing in Ian’s love of jazz, folk and classical music. (It is called Lifejacket because of all the pressures to stay afloat in life.) Lifejacket questions the unsteady passage from young man to middle-aged child. Together with co-writer David Preston, Ian explores with humour the themes of drinking, growing older and love; with poignancy the heartache of war; plus a moving tribute to his father: 'A good and simple man'. Songs include 'Forty-Two', a duet with award-winning singer, Liane Carroll, 'Love At First Tequila' - a ‘Mack The Knife’ for modern-day London which features the 2007 BBC Best Instrumentalist, Julian Siegel, on sax, and a stunning reworking of Rozz Williams' 'Flowers', featuring cellist, Gabriella Swallow.

Lifejacket cements Shaw’s skills as a consummate jazz performer and vocalist, and showcases his hitherto little known talents as an accomplished songwriter.


  1. Love at First Tequila (feat. Julian Siegel)
  2. Lifejacket (feat. David Preston)
  3. She's Loaded (feat. Guy Barker & David Preston)
  4. A Good and Simple Man (feat. Guy Barker)
  5. Glue (feat. Julian Siegel)
  6. Forty-two (feat. Liane Carroll)
  7. Northop Road (feat. Julian Siegel)
  8. Pamela (feat. David Preston)
  9. I Want to Live in Paris (feat. Guy Barker)
  10. Hiraeth (feat. Julian Siegel)
  11. My Safest Place (feat. Gabriella Swallow)
  12. Letter from a Dead Soldier (feat. Guy Barker)
  13. Flowers (feat. Gabriella Swallow)