INXS "Kick" 180gm LP

INXS "Kick" 180gm LP

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Format: 180gm LP, gatefold, includes MP3 download

Label: Petrolelectric/Universal

Released: 2017

Country: EU

Okay, this album's omnipresence (it produced no less than five charting singles out of 12 songs) on radio and television for over a year and a half--alongside singer Michael Hutchence's mass media anointment as THE premier rock and roll sex symbol of the late '80s--makes it difficult to hear KICK as simply an album. If you want to mentally recreate 1988, look no further!


  1. Guns in the Sky
  2. New Sensation
  3. Devil Inside
  4. Need You Tonight
  5. Mediate
  6. The Loved One
  7. Wild Life
  8. Never Tear Us Apart
  9. Mystify
  10. Kick
  11. Calling All Nations
  12. Tiny Daggers