James Gilchrist "Songs of Muriel Herbert" HDCD

James Gilchrist "Songs of Muriel Herbert" HDCD

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The 'Songs of Muriel Herbert' is an album featuring many premiere recordings of songs by the twentieth century English composer.  They are beautifully delivered by soprano Ailish Tynan and tenor James Gilchrist, accompanied by David Owen Norris on piano.

Few British women composers of the early twentieth century are known today, either by name or by their music. Muriel Herbert is one who should be. 'Songs of Muriel Herbert' features many premiere recordings, each one beautifully delivered by soprano Ailish Tynan and tenor James Gilchrist, accompanied by David Owen Norris on piano. 

'Herbert's music deserves its place alongside the more famous names of the time.' Grampophone

 '...beautiful songs...Highly recommended.'
Classic FM Magazine

'...they grow on you with each listening.' The Observer


  1. Loveliest of Trees
  2. Song – I cannot lose thee for a day
  3. The Crimson Rose
  4. I hear an army charging
  5. Jour des Morts, "Cimetiere Montparnasse"
  6. She weeps over Rahoon
  7. On a Time
  8. Have you seen but a white lily grow?
  9. I dare not ask a kiss
  10. Horsemen
  11. To Daffodils
  12. How beautiful is night
  13. Renouncement
  14. I think on thee in the night
  15. Faint Heart in a Railway Train
  16. Rose kissed me today
  17. Lean out of the window
  18. Love's Secret
  19. of Benedictbeuern (after C. Orff's Carmina Burana)
  20. Autumn
  21. The Lost Nightingale
  22. Jenny kiss'd me
  23. Children's Song: No. 1. Merry-go-round
  24. Children's Song: No. 2. The Gypsies
  25. Children's Song: No. 3. The Tadpole
  26. Children's Song: No. 4. Jack Spratt
  27. Children's Song: No. 5. Acorn and Willow
  28. Children's Song: No. 6. The Bunny
  29. In the Days of November
  30. The Lake Isle of Innisfree
  31. David's Lament for Jonathan
  32. Most Holy Night
  33. When Death to either shall come
  34. Cradle Song
  35. Violets
  36. Tewkesbury Road