Joe Stilgoe "We Look To The Stars" CD

Joe Stilgoe "We Look To The Stars" CD

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From album opener, the swinging 'Let's Begin', to the exuberant 'We Should Kiss' via 'Now Wasn't That Fun?' which shows off his scatting credentials, Stilgoe has crafted an engaging album which is fresh, yet familiar.

Upon release Joe Stilgoe's second studio album went straight to the top of the jazz charts while pulling in rave reviews from the national press and attracting new fans from Tim Minchin to Chris Evans and Richard Madeley (BBC Radio 2) to Sir Michael Parkinson.

The album showcases Stilgoe's expressive and charming voice in an album of (mostly) originals with his trademark catchy hooks and instant familiarity. Stilgoe includes a cover of the Kinks' 'Waterloo Sunset', a simple yet effective piano-vocal rendition which allows Stilgoe's voice and phenomenal piano playing to shine.

‘As for the songs they're witty, observant and have actual tunes attached...It's a delight.' The Observer

‘Songs that sound like you've known them for years.' Daily Express

‘Stilgoe's lyrics are intricate, his tunes breezy and buoyant, and a cover of the Kinks' Waterloo Sunset provides a wistful payoff to a confident set.' The Sunday Times


  1. Let's Begin
  2. I Like This One
  3. We Should Kiss
  4. Now Wasn't That Fun?
  5. (That's the Way It Crumbles) Cookie-Wise
  6. The Chestnut Tree
  7. So Much to Learn
  8. Can't Catch Me Out
  9. Time to Fly
  10. To Be Decided
  11. Waterloo Sunset