Jonathan Freeman-Attwood "Faure: Lydia’s Vocalises" CD

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood "Faure: Lydia’s Vocalises" CD

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This is the world-premiere recording of Fauré's complete vocalises, a thirty-strong collection which has not seen the light of day in over a hundred years.

4 stars 'This quirky but fascinating disc includes the premiere recordings of dozens of Gabriel Fauré's Vocalises — tiny but ear-ticklingly imaginative vocal exercises.' The Times

'Jonathan Freeman-Attwood's quiet, direct approach on the trumpet is just right. Recommended for Faure lovers.'

Written when Fauré was Director of the Paris Conservatoire, these exquisite vignettes find new life in this performance by a fellow director, the Royal Academy of Music's Principal, Jonathan Freeman-Attwood. Originally ordered by increasing technical challenge Jonathan instead orders the pieces by the music's varied ‘affects' and aptly places them in a context central to Fauré.

Jonathan is accompanied by pianist Roy Howat, who is uniquely qualified in this role, having edited the newly discovered vocalises with Emily Kilpatrick for publication in 2013. Fauré: Lydia's Vocalises includes several bonus French works - which also started life as works for instruments other than trumpet and piano - originally featured on the albums La Trompette Retrouvée and Trumpet Masque accompanied and arranged by Daniel-Ben Pienaar.


  1. Lydia in F Major, Op. 4
  2. La beauté: Vocalise No. 9
  3. La beauté: Vocalise No. 15
  4. La beauté: Vocalise No. 16
  5. La beauté: Vocalise No. 12
  6. La beauté: Vocalise No. 1
  7. L'envie: Vocalise No. 28
  8. L'envie: Vocalise No. 6
  9. L'envie: Vocalise No. 26
  10. L'envie: Vocalise No. 20
  11. L'envie: Vocalise No. 5
  12. L'envie: Vocalise No. 14
  13. L'envie: Vocalise No. 23
  14. L'envie: Vocalise No. 2
  15. L'envie: Vocalise No. 24
  16. La cour: Appendix No. 3
  17. La cour: Vocalise No. 7
  18. La cour: Vocalise No. 17
  19. La cour: Vocalise No. 13
  20. La cour: Vocalise No. 25
  21. La cour: Vocalise No. 21
  22. La cour: Vocalise No. 22
  23. La tendresse: Vocalise No. 8
  24. La tendresse: Vocalise No. 4
  25. La tendresse: Vocalise No. 11
  26. La tendresse: Vocalise No. 18
  27. La tendresse: Appendix No. 4
  28. Les regrets: Vocalise No. 10
  29. Les regrets: Vocalise No. 29
  30. Les regrets: Vocalise No. 12
  31. Les regrets: Vocalise No. 19
  32. Les regrets: Appendix No. 7
  33. Les souvenirs: Vocalise No. 27
  34. Les souvenirs: Vocalise No. 3
  35. Les souvenirs: Appendix No. 14
  36. Les souvenirs: Appendix No. 15
  37. Lydia in G Major, Op. 4
  38. 5 Morceaux: No. 1, Aubade
  39. 10 Pièces pittoresques: No. 7, Danse villageoise
  40. Cello Sonata No. 2 in F Major, Op. 123: III. Romanza. Poco adagio
  41. À Chloris
  42. Naïs Suite: I. Overture
  43. Naïs Suite: III. Gavotte pour les zephirs
  44. Messe pour les couvents: Cromorne en taille
  45. Pièces d'orgue, Livre III: Grand Dialogue
  46. Violin Sonata No. 2 in E Minor, Op. 108: I. Allegro non troppo