Martin Speake "Hullabaloo" CD

Martin Speake "Hullabaloo" CD

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The tunes on Hullabaloo reflect Martin's diverse influences. These include his experiences with the jazz traditions of America and Europe, folk music from around the world, free improvisation and classical music.

'Speake writes a strong melody and he has the gift of a clear alto tone to project the tune.' Jazz Review

'Speake's saxophone sound is a haunting mixture of fragile, silvery high-register playing and a plush, flugelhorn-like mid-range, and his momentum has an unswerving resolution of tempo. In these respects he resembles a Fifties Cool School improviser, but his phrasing represents a far more contemporary chemistry of long zigzagging lines and unexpected resolutions.' The Guardian 


Hullabaloo contains nine new tracks from the increasingly important jazz composer Martin Speake. Martin Speake's music has an inherently melodic quality and each musician's contribution is strikingly individual yet subordinate to the collective sound.

The band includes Martin Speake on alto saxophone, John Parricelli on electric and acoustic guitars, Mick Hutton on double bass and Tom Skinner on drums. 


  1. Keith Jarrett
  2. Waiting for You
  3. The Inner Game
  4. Hullabaloo
  5. The Poet [For Bill Evans]
  6. JT's Symmetrical Scale
  7. The Bellringer
  8. Arco Iris
  9. Pumpkin