Mary Black "Full Tide" 180gm LP

Mary Black "Full Tide" 180gm LP

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Format: Limited edition 180gm LP reissue, remastered, gatefold cover

Label: Pure Pleasure Analogue

Released: 2009

Country: UK

Recorded in Ireland and Australia, the album contains some stellar, perhaps career-defining performances of a number of tunes: her readings of Bob Dylan's "Lay Down Your Weary Tune" and "To Make You Feel My Love" completely reinvent them. The former is an anthem as Celtic and full of old-world notions of travel and dislocation and community as one could imagine. The emotion in her voice is a warm fire for the battered soul to rest in. On the latter, Black offers a vulnerable and utterly sincere paean of amorous truth to the Beloved, whether or not the desired one has chosen the protagonist or another. Dylan's was a boast in some way; Black's is not a plea, but an understated declaration of desire and commitment that transcends time and space.

As moving and convincing as these performances are, they are not the true gems in the body of this album. In fact, her version of Sandy Denny's "Full Moon," with a pianist, a bassist, and a string quartet, blows them away. Her voice, full and dark, yearns across time and space for the absent one. It's an elegy to a love, but also to love itself and friendship as well. This is key in that there are a total of four songs here by the late Noel Brazil -- Black's longtime collaborator and favorite songwriter -- who passed away in 2001.


  1. The Land of Love
  2. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
  3. Your Love
  4. Don't Let Me Come Home a Stranger
  5. The Real You
  6. Stand Up
  7. Full Moon
  8. Straight As a Die
  9. Siul a Run
  10. Kilda Again
  11. To Make You Feel My Love
  12. Japanese Deluxe