Perfect Houseplants "Snap Clatter" CD

Perfect Houseplants "Snap Clatter" CD

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Perfect Houseplants' second Linn album displays such influences as tango, folk and jazz.

Formed in 1992 by four of the most distinctive jazz musicians and composers in Britain, Perfect Houseplants has rapidly achieved a reputation as one of the most innovative and challenging jazz groups to emerge in the 1990s. The group's unique and colourful compositions and musical interaction has established them as an adventurous but accessible group on the cutting edge of European music. The group has frequently performed and recorded for BBC Radio 3 and has also been commissioned by the BBC on a number of projects.

In 1996 Perfect Houseplants signed a contract with Linn Records and their first album, 'Snap Clatter' (Linn AKD 063) was released in 1997, 'More drama than the RSC' said The Wire. This album further developed the band's unique way of orchestrating its original compositions and draws inspiration from many other musical forms, including Contemporary Classical, Brazilian, Ragtime and even Cartoon music.

'If Snap Clatter were a book - it would be "Alice In Wonderland", a clever whimsical journey profuse with ideas.' Jazzwise

'If you don't like this, you don't deserve ears'. Vox


  1. Strictly For Dancing
  2. Curiosity Threatens
  3. Rag
  4. Emerald
  5. The Gentle Life
  6. New Day
  7. Damp Dog
  8. Tango Forestalling
  9. Hush
  10. Salome
  11. EE