Profeti della Quinta "Rossi: Il Mantovano Hebreo" SACD

Profeti della Quinta "Rossi: Il Mantovano Hebreo" SACD

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Profeti della Quinta makes its Linn debut with a unique programme of Italian madrigals, instrumental pieces and Hebrew prayers by Salomone Rossi (c.1570-c.1630).

A 2013 Hidden Gem: 'This expertly performed collection deserves recognition as a hidden gem.' The Observer

'Tantalizing as the music and the composer may be, the most tantalizing thing about this disc is what is, for me, the appearance of an entirely new and original Early Music ensemble... Profeti della Quinta produces a delightful and remarkably flexible sound, clearly committed and devoted to this music.' International Record Review

 The programme encompasses Rossi's many-faceted talents both as a court composer in the service of the Gonzaga family and as a unique innovator of devotional music for the synagogue.  The award-winning a-cappella ensemble, comprising five core male singers, is joined for this recording by Katya Polin and Eva Saladin (violin) and Ori Harmelin and Ryosuke Sakamoto (theorbo). The native Hebrew speaking singers specialize in the music of the Italian Baroque and have an immediate connection to Rossi as a Jewish Italian composer.

In naming Profeti della Quinta winners of the 2011 York Early Music Young Artists Competition, producer and judge Philip Hobbs commented: ‘Profeti della Quinta's stunning authentic performance practice and quality of execution was truly magnificent.' The ensemble has recorded an accompanying documentary about Salomone Rossi, filmed in Mantua (Hebreo: The Search for Salomone Rossi by Joseph Rochlitz in 2012).


  1. Psalm 128: Shir hamma'alot, ashrei kol yere Adonai
  2. Sinfonia prima a 5 e a 3 si placet
  3. Sfogava con le stele
  4. Sinfonia prima
  5. Tu parti, ahi lasso
  6. Cor mio, deh non languire
  7. Sinfonia undecimal
  8. Udite, lacrimosi spirti d'averno
  9. Sinfonia seconda, detta la Emiglia
  10. Gagliarda a 5 e a 3 si placet, detta Narciso
  11. Correnta terza
  12. Brando secondo
  13. Tirsi mio, caro Tirsi
  14. Sinfonia quinta
  15. Rimanti in pace
  16. Sinfonia decimal
  17. Psalm 100: Mizmor letoda
  18. Gagliarda disperata
  19. Correnta sesta
  20. Psalm 146: Haleluyah
  21. Vedro 'l mio sol
  22. Sinfonia duodecima
  23. In dolci lacci
  24. Sonata Ottava sopra l’Aria E tanto tempo hormai
  25. Ohime se tanto amate
  26. Messaggier di speranza
  27. Corrente settima
  28. Gagliarda a 5 e a 3 si placet, detta la Zambalina
  29. Pargoletta, che non sai
  30. Psalm 126: Shir hamma'alot, beshuv adonai