Santana "Santana" 180gm LP

Santana "Santana" 180gm LP

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Format: 180gm LP, reissue

Label: Columbia/Legacy

Released: 2016

Country: EU

Before the arrival of Carlos Santana's eponymous band, the San Francisco rock scene drew the inspiration for its jam-oriented music mainly from blues, rock, and Eastern modalities. Santana added Latin music to the mix, forever changing the course of rock & roll history. On their groundbreaking debut album, the group mix Latin percussion with driving rock grooves. Santana's unique guitar style, alternately biting and liquid, vies with the multiple percussionists for the sonic focus.

Santana's first album features an abundance of loose, collective compositions based on a couple of simple riffs ("Jingo," "Soul Sacrifice"). This approach allows for Santana and his bandmates to flex their improvisational muscles to fine effect. The high-energy level on Santana is infectious.


  1. Waiting (Instrumental)
  2. Evil Ways
  3. Shades Of Time
  4. Savor (Instrumental)
  5. Jingo
  6. Persuasion
  7. Treat (Instrumental)
  8. You Just Don't Care
  9. Soul Sacrifice (Instrumental)